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5 Tips for a Healthy Liver

5 Tips for a Healthy Liver

The liver is an organ that has many functions, including helping to break down toxins. While there are many factors that contribute to liver disease, excessive drinking and smoking are among the biggest causes. Besides that, everyday stressors also weigh down affect your liver. With that in mind, we compiled a few basic tips to keep things running well!

Eat Right.

If you want to keep your liver healthy, eat right! Not only do fast foods and some modern foods harm or pressure the liver more than it needs, but many of these foods also lack the nutritional value to help your body run as it should! Ideal targets- eat lean, green, and organic as often as possible. Don't overdo it on fruits as that can surprisingly be detrimental.

Drink Water.

Drinking lots of water is essential to your health as a whole- and 3 glasses a day won't cut it! Try to get in half as many ounces of water as pounds you weigh- so if you weigh 200 pounds, aim for 100 ounces of water daily. Adding lemon and himalayan salt puts extra hydration and nutrition in there.

Exercise Regularly.

If you exercise regularly, you will help keep your liver healthy. Don't be too hardcore- you don't want to break your body! But we would all do well to reach that 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, 5 times a week, mark.

Don't Smoke or Drink Alcohol.

Smoking and drinking alcohol damage your liver. Period. By the way, that title is not to say don't smoke alcohol... This is a tough pill for some to swallow, but these are unhealthy practices by and large that should be cut at all costs.

Take Care of Yourself.

Besides all we've already mentioned, take some time off! Breathe, relax, go out to a park or forest or lake. Collect your thoughts, let go of stresses. Watch a funny movie- or if you're like me, an action or super hero movie. Find ways to relax yourself on the regular- a body in constant tension is one that is waiting to break in some way.

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