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SpeedyVite® Super Tonic (2 Fl oz) Enhance Your Immune System* Organic & Wildcrafted Made in USA FREE EXPEDITED

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About this item

Adequate Selections Of The Best Natural Defense Technologies Give A Potent Boost To The Body's Natural Immune Function* 

Need a tonic to boost your immune system? Discover the difference that 2 drops of SpeedyVite Herbal Super Tonic can make to your day. SpeedyVite Herbal Super Tonic [Enhanced], enhances the ancient tried and true Super Tonic formula with even more potent natural defense ingredients than found elsewhere. This formula helps boost the body's natural abilities to overpower bad bacteria & other harmful invaders.*

The GOOD FOR YOU Features

 Made with organic, wildcrafted and consciously cultivated ingredients: Garlic bulb, Ginger root, Horseradish root, White Onion bulb, Serrano pepper fruit, Cayenne pepper fruit 

?? - What is Super Tonic Good For? Here is a small list of our super tonic uses and health benefits:

 Supports blood and lymph circulation to every part of the body* 
 Supports Immune Function*
 Antioxidants & Other All Natural, potent health promoting ingredients*
 Contains Organic Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar  
 Liquid form - Fast absorption, Easy swallowing*  Liquids may work faster than solids, as there’s less to break down*


More Product Info:

What do you get when you harness 6 of the most powerful natural ingredients with organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar? 

SpeedyVite Herbal Super Tonic [Enhanced] - Combats harmful micro-organisms & helps flush out & clear the sinuses & lungs through increased circulation.* The following ingredients contain natural vitamins, enzymes, and compounds with Antioxidants & Other All Natural, potent health promoting ingredients*.

Feel it working instantly to fight illness & boost your immune system!* 

While it helps chase away the unwanted organisms, it supports good intestinal flora. SpeedyVite Herbal Super Tonic also supports blood and lymph circulation to every part of the body.*

Suggested Guidlines 

32 drops (2 droppersful) 3 times a day. May be mixed in juice or water if desired.
Not intended for sustained use.


Guaranteed Quality - Made in a certified organic, GMP compliant facility, in the USA. This product has been identified through HPTLC technology, and tested for microbes and foreign materials.
Guaranteed Satisfaction - Full Refund, No Questions Asked

Where to Buy Super Tonic- For best customer service, we recommend ordering direct here through our website :)

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease.

Made in the USA in a certified organic, GMP compliant facility. This product has been characterized through HPTLC technology, and tested for microbes and foreign materials.
Easy return, send it back for a full refund, No Questions Asked.


Ask a Question
  • How often do I take it?

    Bigger doses aren't better, Little ones more frequently, are.
    You could either go with the label, as follows:
    - 2 droppers full, 3x a day
    Or spread it out, like many, who have found this to be the most effective for them, as follows: 
    - 1 dropper full, 6x a day /
    - 1/2 dropper, 12x a day

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