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Manage Subscription

SpeedyVite® subscriptions are super easy to manage.

In your customer portal you are able to: Change delivery schedule | Edit shipping address | Edit upcoming order date / quantity | Add a product | Skip a shipment | Edit frequency. 

There are 2 ways to access your customer portal:

  • Have an account? - Access by Logging in:
    1. Log in, (top of page);
    2. My account (top of page);
    3. Manage Subscriptions on the right
    Once there you can manage your subscriptions easily.
  • Don't have an account? Access by Secure direct link - Direct links are provided in every subscription email from us, the link is labeled: "You may manage your subscription by clicking here". They are usable for 24hrs. A new one is available any time upon request. Request secure direct link now

Need some assistance?

Our Customer Care Philosophy:

When I was a kid working in my dad's shop, he taught me: "The customer is always right." I've since learned, that's the best way to run a good business.

Please note: Phone & text is usually the fastest during the week; We give personal responses to all messages, not canned "farmed out" responses from 3rd parties. We try to be as speedy as possible, many times after hours, but we're not perfect, and apologize when we drop the ball; but please know that this is never ever intentional; and if the matter is urgent and you're not getting an instant response, feel free to use all methods below! If we're not in, we will deal with it soon as we see it. You are extremely important, you are our top priority and we're super grateful for you being a SpeedyVite customer! - Adam Speedy, Owner