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About Us

Thank you for your interest in our story.

SpeedyVite is a very unique growing herbal health brand with humble beginnings, consisting of all organic and wildcrafted super healthy teas and other formulae. We're a family owned business, based in Plantersville, Texas, in the USA, and still have US based customer friendly support. All our products are Made in the USA, packed and tested in the USA, using local US and premium imported ingredients.

We don't consider ourselves health nuts; for us, staying healthy is not a religion or something we have to strive towards, it's just our normal way of living.

Having spent lots of time overseas, junk food was an exception, fresh food was the norm, cancer was unheard of, a healthy weight was common, you never took time off sick, and rarely went to the doctor (unless you were dead for 3 days and 3 nights:) So staying healthy was just a way of life. As we'd travel we started to become more aware of the large number of unhealthy processed chemicals in the "first world." After returning from living overseas in Zambia once, we were amazed to see how much junk goes into people's shopping carts! We'd gotten used to coming back from the market with carts of fresh food, but here people had carts of factory produced boxes and cans, with paragraphs of ingredients and not one fresh thing or healthy item in the cart at all!

We also started to notice how many powerful and symptomatic drugs were available, which quickly replace the body's natural ability to fight disease. (We are not against good medicine, but we just like to be balanced and really see the value of building up the body's natural immune system and vitality). 

Our first product was the old traditional Super Tonic formula. We actually initially produced it in our basement apartment, to help as a fundraiser for some young people who were visiting Vietnam. It was a tremendous success, and we sold 100 bottles in a few days. (We love that product, still actually have some of the original "vintage" super tonic for our own personal use:) 

... From those humble beginnings, we expanded to eventually working with some of the best natural and herbal manufacturers in the country. We now have an awesome collection of world class natural products (wildcrafted, and USDA organic), with happy customers from across the US and around the world. Our most important responsibility is quality: to go beyond the highest standards in the industry, and since the beginning I can honestly say we have not ever compromised on that, always insisting on the the best, highest quality ingredients (despite the cost), so that our customers can trust that when they order SpeedyVite products, it's synonymous with, Good For You

We have been amazed how SpeedyVite has taken off, and grateful our products have helped so many, as we are so often reminded, every time we see the many authentic reviews we constantly receive. If you have a story on how our stuff has helped you, please feel free to let us know :)  


The Speedy's
Plantersville, TX

At SpeedVite® we want you to live and feel your best by bringing you healthy, 100% natural, organic products that are Good For You!

The SpeedyVite® Promise

We Guarantee to always, consistently and reliably produce goods which are only:
1. NATURAL - Good For You, No artificial processed junk 
2. PROVEN - Effective, No fake placebos
3. VALUE - Available to all, No inflated rip off's 

The SpeedyVite® Guarantees

Guaranteed Quality - Organic, GMP compliant facilities, made in the USA, identified through HPTLC technology, tested for microbes and foreign materials.
Guaranteed Satisfaction - Full Refund, No Questions Asked