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About Us

Thank you for your interest in our story.

We don't consider ourselves health nuts; for us, staying healthy is not a religion or something we have to strive towards, it's our normal way of living.

Growing up overseas, junk food was an exception, fresh food was the norm, cancer was unheard of, a healthy weight was common, you never took time off sick, rarely went to the doctor (unless you were dead for 3 days and 3 nights:). Staying healthy was just a way of life. Traveling abroad to other countries, we started to become more and more aware of the large number of unhealthy processed chemicals in the "first world." After one such trip, we were amazed to see how much junk goes into people's shopping carts!

We also started to notice how many powerful and symptomatic drugs were available, which quickly replace the body's natural ability to fight disease. (We are not against good medicine, but we see the value of building up the body's natural immune system and vitality.) 

Our first product was the Super Tonic. We were amazed how it took off, and it pretty much inspired everything from there. Follow our journey on Facebook at: 

At SpeedVite® we want you to live and feel your best by bringing you healthy, 100% natural, organic products that are Good For You!

The SpeedyVite® Promise

We Guarantee to always, consistently and reliably produce goods which are only:
1. NATURAL - Good For You, No artificial processed junk 
2. PROVEN - Effective, No fake placebos
3. VALUE - Available to all, No inflated rip off's 

The SpeedyVite® Guarantees

Guaranteed Quality - Organic, GMP compliant, made in the USA, identified through HPTLC technology, tested for microbes and foreign materials.
Guaranteed Satisfaction - Full Refund, No Questions Asked 

The Speedy's