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Hocus Pocus vs. Herbal Properties

Hocus Pocus vs. Herbal Properties

Dried herbs & roots

Are herbs legit'?

Do natural remedies work? 

Is the whole herbal supplement industry just a hocus-pocus hoax?

Is the industry just a capitalization on the placebo effect?


 fresh herbsSometimes when people think of herbal remedies, their minds go to a "magic potion" that someone waves their hands over with no scientific backing. If you start searching the internet for benefits of, for example, Apple Cider Vinegar, you will unfortunately find many articles claiming it can cure just about anything. It is a great product and has a number of great uses, but over excessive baseless claims do a disservice to everyone. 
Some of the crazy claims out there are no different from the traditional sangoma's, shamans, witchdoctors and vudu/ juju doctors in different parts of the world. I remember once standing at a “herb table” in a market place in Zambia, asking, “What does thibee eaters cure?” The lady at the table showed me all her natural herbs and explained in the local Bemba language what each root and leaf had been known to do. I had no reason to doubt nor believe, until she showed me a dead bird, a bee eater; "And what does that do?”, I asked.… “Well," she explained through a translator, "this bird can cure epilepsy!”; “How?", I replied, “Oh," she responded, "it needs to be waved over the person and they will be cured!" I became an instant sceptic of the entire table. Sadly, that’s what many think of as soon as they hear of natural herbs. 
But the reality is, that herbs are just natural foods. All foods have certain properties, many of which have been scientifically proven to have healthy benefits. For example, lemon is high in vitamin C, and back in the late 1400’s, they discovered that “something" in it was helping sailors overcome the number one killer at sea, which at that time was, scurvy. It wasn’t magic, but it worked.
Today, I think I have a more balanced view of herbs.. mainly from research, wading through the garbage out there, finding proven remedies, and relying on healthcare professionals to do the scientific research for me! I’m not a herb nut, but I do see the obvious benefits from this approach, which has resulted in many authentic positive reviews from happy repeat SpeedyVite customers.  
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