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My Day by Day Colon Detox & Cleanse Experience

My Day by Day Colon Detox & Cleanse Experience

This is my day by day practical experience with the Colon Detox* and Colon Cleaner* - a 5 day course…
I used the "powder detox" and the "capsule cleaner". The powder detox is also available in capsule form. I will attempt to give an honest evaluation without being too subjective..
Day 1
  • I found the instructions are quite particular:
  • "In a small jar mix one level scoop (one heaping teaspoon) of Colon Detox Formula in 12 to 16 oz. of pure water for 5 or 6 consecutive days. This should be done 1/2 hour before each daily meal, between breakfast and lunch, between lunch and dinner and just before bed (typically totaling 4 times a day). An additional 24 oz of pure water should be consumed each day of use. This product is intended to be used periodically and in conjunction with SpeedyVite Colon Cleaner formula."
  • The detox powder is as black as charcoal!
  • The taste is palatable - a little bland, not strong / bad, but obviously not tasing like chocolate either!! Might take a while to get used to..
  • It takes a bit of stirring to dissolve, doesn’t actually fully dissolve. According to the product, "high quality ingredients have not been compromised to make them dissolve, stir briefly and drink right away"
  • I just took one Colon Cleaner capsule with it, along with plenty of water.. don’t want to be constipated!!
  • Definitely gargle some water after, if you take the powder form!
  • It takes some getting used to taking the powder drink, and then waiting 30 min to eat.. especially for a guy!
  • Passed a bit of gas later in the day
  • No constipation
  • Not yet feeling the cool boost by the end of the day - they say it gets worse before it gets better.. not sure if it’s related.
Day 2
  • Sorry to be graphic but fecal elimination is dark in color, due to the ingredients of the detox;
  • No constipation.. which is a great thing! Apparently the ingredients absorb up to 40 times their weight in fluids, toxins etc which can have a binding effect without plenty of water and without adding the cleaner capsule or the like.
  • I’m feeling just fine
  • Getting used to the taste
  • repeated the colon cleaner

Day 3
  • Bit of gas
  • Fecal elimination still dark in color
  • Dropped the colon cleanser capsule, didn’t want to be too loose
  • Stool firmer, but not constipated
  • Can feel my stomach doing stuff..
Day 4
  • Little constipation, will take the cleaner again and more water
  • Getting used to the taste
  • Had a bit of a headache - I do get them, from time to time anyways, not sure if its related
Day 5
  • I feel seriously awesome!
  • Very hydrated!
  • Feel clean and sparky!
  • Definitely noticeably more energy
  • Some weight-loss around the belly
  • Quite an experience
  • Was a little apprehensive at first but it was easier than i thought


*From a Nutritionist friend, the difference between a Colon Detox and a Colon Cleanse/Cleaner:
  • A detox involves a clay etc that really expands in the colon, absorbing all the rubbish and clearing it out, it can have a constipating effect and needs a lot of water, and might help to have the cleanse with it.
  • A cleanse has the opposite effect.. makes you more loose and cleans out the system, making everything on the inside want to be on the outside!! 
  • The Colon Detox and Colon Cleaner is also available as a set, the detox is available in Capsule form, though the serving size is 9 capsules :)

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