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Corona Virus: 7 things from a Natural Herbal Perspective– SpeedyVite

Corona Virus: 7 things from a Natural Herbal Perspective– SpeedyVite

Hand-washing • Not touching the face • Staying hydrated • Rest • Support the immune system • Eat healthy • Professional help

Unless you're barely using TV, internet, or radio (like myself) you've probably heard of the menace CoronaVirus (Covid-19). Probably too, you've heard a thousand things about whether or not this is an American issue, about preventative measures, and about "natural" remedies.

Though we are not experts on the virus, and this is not medical advice, we do want to recommend the following, from a natural health perspective on the issue:

First off, if you believe in hand-washing1, keep it up! All normal cleanliness and hygiene rules apply in killing bacteria, especially handwashing and not touching your face.  As always, staying hydrated2 and getting enough rest is a great support to your immune system. You may also want to consider adding natural antibacterials and antibiotics to your personal cleaning routine- think garlic, olive oil, lemon, oregano, ginger, etc. These different herbs are power packed with a few thousand years of good track records in helping support the immune system.

As with any virus, boosting your immune system is, in ours and many others’ opinion, still the best defense against virus. Many of our products are currently flying off the shelves (and we would caution against panic and the stress that entails). One such is the enhanced SpeedyVite® Super Tonic, which I love the taste of, and its positive effects.

We've heard recommendations from other naturally minded companies and individuals recommending mega-doses of vitamin C, D, A, and probably many others. This may be helpful- but some also say it may be harmful! If you want to load up on extra vitamins, we'd recommend you eat healthy by sticking with a "naturally high" consumption- load up on dark leafy greens and antioxidant rich fruits! I've been loving my morning orange juice, Greek yogurt, spinach and chia seed smoothie- but nutrition products like  Dr. Schulze's Superfood category are other easy ways to load up naturally on your vitamin doses.

If you think you might be sick, seek professional help early, avoid public places, and step it up on the health foods!

With much gratitude,
The SpeedyVite Team


Note on external sources: We are not responsible for the content of websites outside of

1 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

2 Harvard Medical School 

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. 


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