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Feeling that Fall / Autumn breeze yet?

Feeling that Fall / Autumn breeze yet?

Feeling that Fall / Autumn breeze yet? 

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For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s official - Fall 2023 starts tomorrow! Where has the year gone? While we’ll miss those warm sunny days, there’s also lots about Fall to look forward to. The colors, the postcard-worthy parks with rustling leaves – it’s all part of the charm. Admittedly clearing the leaves isn’t particularly fun, but on the plus side they certainly look nice for a bit.

As the season approaches, we wanted to emphasise the importance of keeping healthy this Fall and Winter. Grab a cup of tea and relax whilst you read our advice about being the best, healthiest version of YOU this Fall and into the winter months (a point for you if you’re enjoying one of our tea’s ;)) we hope to inspire you! 

Shorter days, dropping temperatures, it’s sooo easy to let the exercise slide! The temptation to stay warm and cosy inside and become a little lazier than usual is strong. With holidays just around the corner and the chilly temperatures reminding us of the onset of winter, it can be a serious struggle not to become so entwined with holiday planning, socialising and shopping for the new season, that we forget ALL about prioritising good food and nutrition.

However YOU and your health don’t become any ‘less’ important in the colder months. Arguably, it’s even more vital to keep on top of looking after yourself!

No matter how old you are or whatever your physical limitations might be - you don’t ever want to let your health, fitness and vitality go. Please don’t be a January gymmer! Unless you make healthy living your way of life, it won’t usually last longer than February.

Here are 3 reasons why you should care about keeping active and fit all year round…

Mental Well-being:

Feeling down or low? Affected by seasonal affective disorder? We’ve all heard the following, but it’s so true and worth taking seriously: regular exercise releases endorphins, which can combat feelings of seasonal depression and boost your mood. Now that’s pretty amazing!

Immune Support:

Perhaps you haven’t linked these two things together before, but did you know that staying active helps strengthen your immune system? This is a great reason to exercise especially as cold and flu season approaches.

Weight Management:

Over 40? This might be a priority for you as it becomes a little trickier to keep those pounds off, or perhaps this is an issue for you for another reason. If you stay committed to a fitness routine all year round – it’s so much easier to avoid yo-yo dieting and unwanted weight gain. It’s all about staying healthy and keeping your bodyweight within reasonable expectations for your age.

Our 6 top tips for staying active as the weather changes:

1. Don’t be put off by imperfect weather.

EMBRACE IT, enjoy it, appreciate it. Do you ever remember standing in the rain as a child, water running down your face and feeling that sense of fun, wonder and enjoyment? Or perhaps even standing in the wind and experiencing it’s power? (We’re not advocating for standing in a hurricane here).

Ok, most of us grew up and became a little more serious about things. We moved past the discovery and awe phase, but the fact remains that the world and weather is to be enjoyed. It can stimulate the senses whatever age you are.

You might need to layer up a little when it’s cold and remove layers as you warm up, but don’t let a bit of cold or wind stop you from getting outdoors.

2. Walk.

You might not want to do anything too intense. Perhaps you have physical limitations. If you’re able to - just go for a walk, enjoy your surroundings, listen to an audiobook while you walk or simply enjoy the sounds of nature and experience a bit of quiet in your head.

You could also ask a friend to join you and catch up with their news whilst benefiting your health.

If you can - speed it up a little to challenge yourself and get your heart rate up. A recent study at the University of Leicester in the UK showed that brisk walkers, hitting 100 steps a minute had a longer life expectancy than those who walked at half the pace, regardless of other factors such as weight. There are so many studies concluding that regular walking is incredibly good for you, don’t underestimate it!

3. Indoor workouts.

If it’s raining or the weather is particularly extreme and you don’t have a gym membership, there are tons of free workouts available to you on youtube or social media as well as subscription based paid for workouts. We are absolutely saturated with content!

Find something you like (such as pilates, aerobics, dance workouts, home workouts for beginners, the list is endless.. there are even ‘sit down’ pilates classes for people who struggle with mobility) and go for it.

*Don't forget to check that whichever channel you use has some proper credentials to ensure you’re being coached correctly and enjoy your workout. It's also important to vary your workouts, concentrate on your form and give yourself rest breaks if you’re doing weights. Make sure that you stay safe and within the boundaries of your own abilities.

4. Buddy up!

Find a friend who wants to get fit too and do things such as walking, swimming, exercising or running together. It might make your exercise a little more enticing if you’re a sociable person as well as introduce an element of accountability. Hiring a personal trainer, even for just a few sessions if that's all you can afford can also be a great motivator as you learn what to do and build confidence.

5. Consistency. Consistency. Consistency.

Build exercise into your daily life, every single day. Make sure when you’re planning your day that you find some way to integrate a form of exercise into it.

Don’t prioritise everything and everyone else whilst you neglect your own body’s needs. Yes mom’s, I’m speaking to you! If you’re reading this and know that you need to make some changes in your priorities – don’t wait. Today is the day!

6. Get a dog. 

Ok we are joking - DEFINITELY don’t buy or adopt a dog on a whim, it’s a pretty big deal and is a serious long term undertaking. But it is true that dogs have a knack of forcing you to get outside and walk them daily - come rain or shine. 

On a final note, don’t let your nutrition slide this Fall and Winter.

Stay hydrated, allow yourself some treats but always balance those treats out with a good wholesome diverse diet. Fresh food, real food, food as close to natures source wherever possible is what we prefer. 

Indulge, enjoy yourself, create good memories but avoid creating unhealthy habits. Your body needs to be looked after to stay at its best! If you look after it - it will look after you.

If you’re on our page you’ll know that at SpeedyVite we are all about encouraging you to become and stay the healthiest version of YOU. While we're discussing well-being this Fall, you might like to explore various avenues that can contribute to a healthier you.

If you're looking for an additional way to support your overall health, you might consider one of our 5 day Detox kits which are offered for the Colon or the Kidneys.

Our Colon Detox kit is designed to promote digestive health through detox and cleansing. The SpeedyVite Kidney Detox kit is engineered to support kidney and bladder health. Or have a little browse on our website and see if any other supplements or organic & wildcrafted tea’s may suit your specific health requirements.

Ps: These and many of our other products might contribute positively to your overall health, however it's important remember that no single product is a magic solution. A balanced diet & exercise as a permanent way of life, and a positive mindset are key. 

*Always consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating new supplements into your routine to ensure they align with your individual health needs.

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