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Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

Thank you for your interest in our story.

After spending ten years doing mission work in Africa, we came to the United States for a season. We realized the amazing difference between the basic food products in Africa and processed, chemical food products in the "first world." During the "flu season", we were shocked to see how much sickness and symptomatic drugs were available, which replaced the body's natural ability to fight disease. (We are not against modern medicine, but rather against taking drugs for every little ailment.)

That was when a good friend of ours showed us the secret of Super Tonic. Simple, natural, common, scientifically proven ingredients that are just plain Good For You

We decided to share it with more people. At our first event we were surprised to sell every bottle, helping almost 100 people during the course of a week. The proceeds went to help students do voluntary mission work in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Tanzania.

For us, this is more than a business. The products help people and the proceeds help us to be able to help others in the third world.

We Value Our Customers!

Please take a minute to send your Feedback – Suggestions – Testimonials – More uses/benefits – Next product idea...

For any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Adam and Melinda Speedy

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