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Detox Tea for Weight Loss: the Sad Reality

Detox Tea for Weight Loss: the Sad Reality

You've seen it on Instagram, TV, TikTok, and maybe you've heard someone sing the praises of a detox tea weight loss program. The big question is, do they actually work?

Is it new to detox with tea?

Short answer is no! Throughout history and across every culture, you can find stories of detoxification programs with both herbal or caffeinated teas. Native Americans knew which herbs they could forage for issues, Asian families have family recipes passed down to handle ailments, and practitioners over generations have tried creative approaches to detox with tea (search for herbal wet blanket wraps! fun stories...)

Our issue- this current craze is misguided.

If you swipe through the product offerings on our site or other reputable herbal supplements like Dr. Schulze, Dr. Christopher's, etc. you will find herbal tea detoxes for the liver, kidney, or other systems, but nothing with weight loss as the primary goal.

The reason why is that it is better for your health to make sure all your cleansing and elimination systems are running at full speed. You will see weight loss generally through this process, but the benefits go way beyond there!

Detox teas aimed only at weight loss often contain harmful levels of ingredients.

Pause, go to amazon, and take a few minutes to read the horror stories of people stuck in bathrooms, sometimes in pain, sometimes embarassed by the intense reactions they've had to huge doses of senna leaf or other ingredients. Internalize those, and vow not to buy those products.

Lastly, the results are shortlived.

Most of these weight loss detox tea products in fact flush out water from your system. You lose 10 pounds of water, and then gain it back after a few weeks- because your body needs that water.


Instead, get out there into the wild web, find out what system of your body you want to boost first, and let weight loss be one of the many health benefits you receive.

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