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Can I use a detox tea to lose weight? 5 Tips.

Can I use a detox tea to lose weight? 5 Tips.

Self image is a huge issue today- according to, 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies. Add to that the thousands of dollars spent with diets and weight loss programs, and you can see this is an issue on a lot of our minds.


As "tea people," we here at SpeedyVite wholeheartedly believe detox teas can help you lose weight- and we can help point you to the right ones!


  1. If you found it through celebrity endorsement, be wary. Sure, it could be a good product, but we've also been pitched the insane price to have a celebrity endorse our detox teas. Often they have never tried it, but if you got paid $10,000 to brew a cup of tea and make an instagram post about it, you probably would do the same. Do your research, and make sure the product is good!
  2. That said, read reviews to MAKE SURE IT IS SAFE. I make it a practice both as a maker and a consumer to get on Amazon, etc and read loads of reviews to try and understand what a product really is. Lots of detox teas are loaded down with crazy horror stories- incontinence, ER trips... Your health is worth more than that gamble!
  3. Focus in on a particular system. A tea titled weight loss detox tea may just be flushing extra water out of your system. Give it a few days or weeks and you will gain that right back! Rather, it is better to approach your goal of weight loss with the thought of total system performance. If you don't necessarily eat too well, a colon detox tea- or colon detox regimen- will help with weight loss, as well as the ability to lose weight, for example!
  4. Work in conjunction with a professional's advice. Whether that is your primary care, a naturopath, or the crazy relative who knows everything about herbal health, having someone smart to walk through this process with you is 100% going to be a better and often more effective experience. Plus they may be clued in to what aspect of your body you need help with most!
  5. Once you've tried, try again! Finished a colon detox? Try a tea to detox the liver next. Done that too? Do an herbal kidney detox. Keep the positive momentum rolling, and you'll keep finding a better, healthier, happier you.
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