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Colon Cleansing - Cleaners that flush

Colon Cleaners are used to "flush" as it were, bad stuff from the system.

Many people cleanse their colon, by taking a colon cleaner on an ongoing basis (daily, without the full colon detox added). It's just a nice healthy, natural yet potent way to keep things moving, using a daily Colon Cleaner. They come in the a few strengths, including Happy Colon (the gentlest strength, for a less intimidating experience :) Others prefer the strongest one, Colon Cleaner Full Strength. Another option is the medium strength, Turkey Rhubarb formula. Another fairly gentle to medium approach is the Colon LifeBoost® Tea. Obviously we're all different, so what makes some people go may vary for others. A good way would be to start with a capsule after dinner before bed, and if needed, increase by another capsule, each day until acceptable bowel function is achieved.
Please note: if you are planning a periodical full 
Colon Detox (with its powerful absorbing formula), we strongly recommend adding one of the Colon cleaners below, just to keep things moving, along with plenty of water.