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SpeedyVite® Intensive Stone-Away Tea (5 Oz) 4 Days Organic & Wildcrafted Made in USA FREE EXPEDITED


Made with four simple, natural winners with a long history of aiding the dissolving & elimination of kidney stones.*
SUPPORTS- This herbal supplement supports the break up and elimination of kidney stones.*
INTENSIVE- Follow this rigorous 4 day program for best results*
GOOD FOR YOU INGREDIENTS - Made with organic, wildcrafted, and consciously cultivated ingredients: Tea: Rosehips, Hydrangea root, Gravel root, Marshmallow root Approx. 6 (32oz) Servings. BPA Free


SpeedyVite® Intensive Stone-Away Tea is made up of herbs that have a long history of aiding the body in the dissolving and elimination of kidney stones* This intensive, 4 day program combines these herbs with fresh juices and plenty of water for optimal results.*
•  Four Organic Winners: Rosehips, Hydrangea Root,Gravel root and Marshmallow root • Intensive 4 day program • 
• SpeedyVite® Quality #1 Promise: •  Natural •  Proven •  Valuable



This fruit of a rose contains Vitamin C historically used for stomach disorders.* Also contains fruit acids and pectins that may alleviate symptoms of kidney problems.*




Hydrangea root

Hydrangea root  is traditionally used for urinary tract problems & kidney stones by increasing urine output.*





Gravel root

Gravel root has also been used for urinary tract problems & kidney stones by increasing urine output.*





Marshmallow root

Contains mucilages that soothe & protect tissues which have become irritated & inflamed.* These form a coating along the urinary tract to protect against damage from the passing of the kidney stone.* Marshmallow root is also known to  help cleanse the kidneys.*



Day 1:

4 Tbs. ea. of dry herbs in two 32 oz. glass containers of pure, unfiltered apple juice. Cover and allow to sit refrigerated overnight. The next morning, heat one container of liquid to a boil (leaving the second container refrigerated). Allow heated tea to cool then drink the entire quart throughout the day. An additional 32 oz. of clear, purified water should also be consumed during the day.

Days 2-3:

Bring 2nd quart of liquid to a boil, allow to cool and consume over the next two days, (16 oz. each day). Drink an additional 32 oz of fresh, unfiltered apple juice on these two days.




 Day 4:

Juice Fast by consuming 64 oz. of fresh juice (your choice) and 64 oz. of pure water.

If pain from stones increases or is prolonged, please consult your primary healthcare physician. Not recommended for use if pregnant or nursing.



GMP compliant facility Characterized through HPTLC technology Tested for microbes and foreign materials

This product is made with organic, wildcrafted and consciously cultivated ingredients in a certified organic, GMP compliant facility in the USA. This product has been characterized through HPTLC technology, and tested for microbes and foreign materials. *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease. Discontinue use immediately if any allergic or other adverse reaction occurs. This product should not be taken after the expiration date.


Certified organic facility




Organic wildcrafted and consciously cultivated ingredients


Made in a GMP compliant facility in the USA




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